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The Fallacy of Skin in the Game

If you've been looking at the current pandemic crisis and wondering why the healthcare system has become so broken, you.


Nonstop Presents: Workplace Strategies to Support Mental Health

The rhetoric of "uncertain times" has become all-too-familiar in every aspect of your personal and professional lives.


Nonstop Presents: Tech Talk

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has created an atmosphere of uncertainty in every aspect of life, but for many American.


The Nonstop Wellness Program Now Offered through Health Insurance Brokers

CONCORD, Calif. April 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Nonstop Administration and Insurance Services, Inc. (Nonstop) has.

SECTOR: Health Center

The New Abnormal

Today's news continues to be a downward spiral... More COVID-19 cases, more shutdowns by more economic sectors around.

SECTOR: For profit

Nonstop and ANCOR Announce New Partnership

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:10/3/2019Nonstop Administration and Insurance Services, Inc.(503) 260 – 5634Nonstopwellness.com

SECTOR: Broker Services

Nonstop Administration & Insurance Services, Inc., Announces Partnership between California Primary Care Association (CPCA) And Community Health Ventures (CHV)

Nonstop Administration & Insurance Services, Inc., Announces Partnership between California Primary Care Association.

SECTOR: Nonprofit

Pregnancy and Health Insurance

Pregnancy can be such a wonderful time of life, but it can also be very stressful.  There’s a lot to do and a lot to.

SECTOR: Broker Services

Price Research 101

No one likes getting bills, especially unexpected ones.  If you have ever had a health care procedure and received.

SECTOR: Health Center

In-Network vs Out-of-Network Providers

There are all types of health care providers and you probably have some that you prefer over others.  It’s important.

Explanation of Benefits (EOB) Dissected

You know that document that comes from your health insurance company that you almost always think is a bill at.

Make the Most of Your Routine Health Visits

Routine health visits, often called check-ups or well-visits, are a great time to discuss your health concerns with.

SECTOR: Health Center

Understanding Health Insurance:Terms and Plans

Health insurance is complicated.  While it’s something we all have a need for, almost none of us are formally taught.

Five Reasons Why Everyone Should Have a PCP

If you don’t already have a primary care provider (PCP), you should seriously consider finding one.  It’s a good.

Partial Self-Insurance 101

What is Partial Self-Insurance?

Partial self-insurance (PSI) is a healthcare model where employers purchase less.

Direction Services' Employees Response to Improved Health Benefits

Direction Service is a non-profit organization located in Springfield, OR that specializes in multi-service care for.

Making the Right Healthcare Purchasing Decisions as a CFO

Nobody knows a company's financial situation better than the CFO, and most times, they aren't even involved in the.

Knowing Your Options

For small-to-midsize nonprofits, choosing an insurance plan might seem daunting. With so many options available, it.

Six Questions to Ask Healthcare Brokers During Renewal Season

Healthcare brokers are the eyes and ears into the ever-changing healthcare market, and what potential new options.

How to navigate partially self-funded health insurance plans - The Business Journals

Image: Reader's Digest

Anthony Lopez writes for The Business Journals about the business owner's daunting task of.

Employers anticipate healthcare benefits costs will rise 5% next year - Fierce Healthcare

This article by Leslie Small for Fierce Healthcare discusses what employers are doing to counter the predicted 5%.

Leveling the self-funded field - Benefit News

This article by Robert Bull for Benefit News discusses how technology has removed the barriers to self-funding that.

Top Five Questions Every Nonprofit Leader Should Ask Heading into Renewal Season

As one of the biggest line items in any organization’s budget, employee healthcare should be a central.

Thought Leader Q&A: Mike Wurtsmith, Board Chair of Thunder Bay Health Center

Recently, we spoke with Mike Wurtsmith about the larger role that nonprofit boards should be playing when it comes to.

Health Insurance 101: Common Misunderstood Healthcare Terms

A few years ago, the Journal of Health Economics found that 86 percent of Americans couldn’t define the basic terms.

Five Reasons Why You Should Partially Self-Insure

PSI – shorthand for partial self-insurance– is a highly effective way for nonprofits to provide employees with access.

Employers boosting benefits packages to attract top talent - Employee Benefit News

Nick Otto writes for Employee Benefit News about the strategies employers are using to keep their healthcare.

One in four Americans skip medical attention because of cost - Benefits Pro

This article by Katie Kuehner-Herbert for Benefits Pro discusses how many Americans - even those with insurance -.

Effective Employee Healthcare Decisions Require a Collaborative Approach

In many organizations, HR departments are often solely responsible for making decisions around employee healthcare,.

How – and Why – CFOs Can Take the Lead in the Employee Healthcare Decision Process

CFOs (should) play a critical role in supporting decisions around employee healthcare, going beyond simply signing off.

Are healthcare cost-shifting efforts at a tipping point? - Benefit News

A recent study from DirectPath, an employee engagement and healthcare compliance technology company, has found that.

The Need for CFO Involvement in Employee Healthcare Decisions

Healthcare is one of the biggest line items in a nonprofit’s budget, but CFOs are often on the periphery of the.

Small Businesses Must Be Both Cautious And Creative In Today's Choatic Health Benefit Market - Forbes

Image: SHRM

Todd Hixton, contributor for Forbes, takes a look at how small businesses are faring under the.

Nearly One In Five LinkedIn Members Say Health Insurance Affected Job Choice - Forbes

Bruce Y. Lee, a contributor for Forbes, writes about how the types of health insurance available can make a.

Creating a Culture of Innovation with Employee Health Care - BoardSource

This article from BoardSource, written by Mike Wurtsmith, discusses the importance of nonprofit boards playing a.

4 Ways Employers Can Reshape the Health Benefits Market - Mercer Signal

Jean Moore writes for Mercer Signal about the clout employers hold when it comes to employee healthcare purchasing,.

With A High Deductible, Even A Doctor Can Shortchange His Health - Kaiser Health News

Dan Gorenstein writes this must-read for Kaiser Health News, highlighting one research physician’s personal.

Cost-Containment Strategies for Employers - Memphis Daily News

Tim Finnell, writing for the Memphis Daily News, takes a quick look at what employers can do to contain rising.

The self-insurance solution — with or without the ACA - Employee Benefit Advisor

In this article, Paul Johnson writes for Employee Benefit Advisor about self-insurance as a solution to rising.

Large Employer Health Plans Could Also See Some Impacts From Affordable Care Act Overhaul - Kaiser Health News

Michelle Andrews provides an overview for Kaiser Health News of the Affordable Care Act regulations that impact.

Why Self-Funded Healthcare is a Great Option for 2017 - Employee Benefit News

This article by Paul Johnson for Benefit News takes a basic look at why self-funding is a good option for small- to.

The Future Of Employee Healthcare Under Trump: What You Need To Know

Since election day, the future of healthcare in the US has been unpredictable, to say the least. More aptly, the.

Nonprofit Workplace Challenges Predicted for 2017 - The Nonprofit Times

The NPT staff writes about the trends to watch in nonprofit operations during 2017 - staffing, workflow, finance,.

How social service nonprofits are getting employees to stick around - Chicago Business

Lisa Bertagnoli writes for Chicago Business about the problem nonprofit organizations are having with recruiting and.

The case for self-funding at small and mid-sized businesses - Benefits Pro

Paul Johnson writes for Benefits Pro about the search for new and innovative healthcare solutions to better suit.

Employer mandate is leading concern of bosses in 2017 - Benefit News

Image: Global Reporting Initiative

Phil Albinus writes for Benefit News about the top employee benefit concern among.

ACA Changes On the Horizon

While the future of the ACA hangs in the balance, the fact remains that the law is still in existence until those.

Health Care Reform Updates - 2018 Cost-Sharing Limits Released

HR360 Posted on December 21 2016 09:50 AM -

HHS Issues Final Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters for 2018

How self-funding can help control rising specialty drug costs - Benefit News

Raymond DePaola writes for Benefit News about how self-funding beats traditional coverage in lowering or containing.

Enrich benefits package by adding health, retirement options: SHRM study - Benefits Pro

Image: UIC News Center

Dan Cook writes for Benefits Pro about how employers can make their benefits packages more.

5 Healthcare Trends that Could Affect you in  2017 - The Fiscal Times

Beth Braverman reports on the top five healthcare trends in 2017 in this article for The Fiscal Times. She notes.

American workers need more benefits education - Benefits Pro

Dan Cook writes for Benefits Pro about the results of a recent survey by the insurer Guardian, which reveals that.

Internal Revenue Service Delays Affordable Care Act Reporting Deadline

The IRS has extended the due dates for furnishing 2016 Forms 1095-B and 1095-C to covered individuals and full-time.

Employers struggling with ACA reporting requirements - Benefit News

Brian M. Kalish writes for Benefit News about the enormous penalities for which employers are on the line if they do.

Employers struggling to attract, retain employees  - Benefit News

Amanda Eisenberg writes for Benefit News about the struggle employers are facing in attracting and retain employees.

How employers & general counsel can prepare for changes to the ACA - Benefits Pro

Kristen Rasmussen recently wrote for Benefits Pro about what companies need to do to prepare for the possible.

Is High Deductible Health Insurance Worth the Risk? - The New York Times

Reed Abelson of The New York Times takes an alternate – and more positive – look at employee reactions to high.

How Companies of All Sizes Can Access Big Benefits - Mercer Signal

Todd Renner writes for Mercer Signal about “a whole new ecosystem of health benefits” that support recruitment and.

Profiting from health: The self-insurance story - MedCity News

In this article for MedCity News by Adam Schaefer, we look at the reality employers face when it comes to purchasing.

Tips to help employers buy healthcare benefits for employees - Benefit News

Loretta Metzger writes for Benefit News about the dramatic change in the healthcare benefits landscape in recent.

5 questions advisers are always asked – and how to answer them - Employee Benefit Advisor

As open enrollment approaches, employees begin to turn to their employers, human resources advisors, and benefit.

Employers Shift Higher Health Care Costs to Workers  - The Wall Street Journal

Rachel Emma Silverman of the Wall Street Journal examines the rise of high deductible health plans (HDHPs), and how.

To drive real health care reform, look to what employers are doing - STAT

Hank Gardner wrote this article for STAT, discussing recent research about the correlation between healthcare cost.

Why a strategic plan is important for all employee benefit programs - Benefits News

Suzy K. Johnson recently wrote for Benefits News about the need for Chief Financial Officers and Human Resources.

Self-insurance rises among small and medium-size employers -  Benefits Pro

Jack Craver writes for Benefits Pro about the increase of self-insuring healthcare benefits among small and.

How To Improve Employer Spending On Healthcare

In the wake of news around increases in household incomes (5.2%) and the slow growth of employer healthcare.

Employers need to communicate benefits to attract jobseekers - Benefits News

Amanda Eisenberg writes for Employee Benefits News about the increasing importance of a good benefits package to.

The Missing Debate Over Rising Health-Care Deductibles - WSJ

Drew Altman writes on increasing deductible costs, “which are transforming the nature of health insurance from more.

Uninsured rate drops, but medical expenses still drag millions into poverty - Modern Healthcare

Bob Herman writes for Modern Healthcare about the consequences of shifting more out-of-pocket healthcare expenses to.

Employers passing rising healthcare costs onto employees - Benefits News

As the cost of providing employees with healthcare benefits rises (at an average of $500 per employee this year),.

Top Affordable Care Act Updates from  HR360

Be sure your organization is staying up-to-date on the most recent changes to the Affordable Care Act. HR360 has just.

Companies move toward self-insurance as healthcare rates increase - Benefits News

Amanda Eisenberg from Benefits News takes a look at how increases in employee healthcare (5-10% for many employees).

Burden of Healthcare Costs Moves to the Middle Class - The Wall Street Journal

Image: Rand

Anna Louie Sussman of The Wall Street Journal focuses on how middle class workers are struggling to pay.

Community health centers need more doctors - San Diego Tribune

In this article by Kevin Mattson and Maria Carriedo-Ceniceros for the San Diego Tribune, the authors estimate that.

Happy employees make a happy company - Benefits Pro

Employee engagement and happiness is key to retaining and attracting top talent, but the elusive question remains:.

Employers Expect Lower Premium Hikes Than on Health Law Exchanges - Commonwealth Fund

Erin Mershon wrote in the Washington Health Policy Week in Review, "large employers are expecting employee health.

More Small, Midsized Firms Choose To Pay Workers’ Medical Costs Directly - Kaiser

Kaiser Health News has released an article by Michelle Andrews, discussing the trend of self-funding among smaller.

Higher Benefit Plan Penalties Loom, Putting Employers on Guard - SHRM

Image: SHRM

Stephen Miller writes for the Society of Human Resources Management, “On July 1, the U.S. Department of.

Employee satisfaction high but workers still want better benefits - Benefits Pro

Photo: BenefitsPro

Rebecca Greenfield from Bloomberg writes for Benefits Pro about a strange new contradiction in.

Workers Overwhelmed by Healthcare Decisions - Benefits Pro

Image: iStock

Jack Craver writes for Benefits Pro about how a recent study by Alegeus demonstrates the stress and.

Obamacare’s Skyrocketing Premiums? Why the Sky Isn’t Falling - NEJM

Benjamin D. Sommers takes a look at why the annual Spring panic around premium increases for ACA marketplace plans.

Healthcare spending growth rate rises again in 2015 - Modern Healthcare

Bob Herman writes for Modern Healthcare, “The U.S. healthcare system spent $3.2 trillion in 2015, or almost $10,000.

Obamacare didn't lead to cuts in job-based health coverage - CNBC

Dan Mangan recently wrote about Obamacare for CNBC, stating that "There were no significant differences in the.

The Most Important Question A CEO Should Ask Their HR Leader - Forbes

Dave Chase advocates for CEOs to question where health plan documents that their organization operates under come.

As healthcare costs continue to rise, employees shoulder the burden - Benefits News

A TransUnion Healthcare study has found more evidence that employees are bearing the brunt of healthcare costs in.

6 Ways To Protect Yourself Against Rising Health Care Costs - Forbes

"With health care costs jumping in 2016, Americans should prepare for the unexpected," writes Lucy Mueller for.

How the right healthcare benefits can increase employee engagement

Matt Straz recently wrote for Entrepreneur about why employers' engagement strategies aren't hitting their marks,.

The Next Big Debate in Health Care - The Wall Street Journal

Drew Altman, President and Chief Executive of the Kaiser Family Foundation, shares his perspective on how.

GOP Announces ACA Replacement Strategy - Mercer Signal

House Republicans released a white paper outlining their plan to provide “High Quality Health Care for All” – the.

Uphill battle to get seasonal farmworkers health insurance - Modern Healthcare

Photo: Planet Matters and More

The Associated Press recently wrote about a growing issue in health care - seasonal.

ACA Round-Up: June 2016

Image: Awane

The GOP may be offering up alternatives to the ACA, but for now the universal health plan is here to.

Hospitals, community health centers compete for primary-care doctors - Modern Healthcare

Federally qualified health centers that serve mostly poor and low-income families in distressed or rural.

Why Do Health Costs Keep Rising? These People Know - The New York Times

Robert Pear recently wrote for the New York Times, saying how "actuaries normally toil far from the limelight, but.

Why and How You Should Audit Your Nonprofit’s Employee Healthcare Program

Photo: homegymr

The healthcare industry is a rapidly changing world, with creative entrepreneurs and innovative.

Americans are most anxious over unexpected expenses, survey shows - BenefitsPro

Many Americans are reporting increasing financial anxiety - and it's getting worse. - Marlene Satter, BenefitsPro.

More employers cutting health benefits for employees’ spouses - Benefits News

Photo: Yahoo

"As plan sponsors try to reduce the costs associated with healthcare claims, many are turning to spousal.

Top 10 Compliance Issues - Mercer Signal

Tracy Watts writes for Mercer Signal about the top 10 Affordable Care Act compliance issues employers face, and how.

Self-funded health plans can save money, up risks - Crain's Cleveland

Lydia Coutre writes for Crain's Cleveland Business about how and why small to midsize companies are making the.

Re-Evaluating Employee Healthcare in the Face of Rising Deductibles and Stagnant Wages

Photo: smallbiztrends.com

Every day we hear again about how rising healthcare costs, especially deductibles and.

The ABCs of Self-Funding Health Plans - CFO.com

Eric Gulko writes for CFO.com about the trend of more employers moving to self-funding, and tells you what you need.

The Importance of Employee Benefits and The Surprising Way They Can Affect The Bottom Line


We all know how employee benefits can affect the bottom line in not-so-positive ways (read: rising.

The millennial expectation of health benefits

"Millennials, the growing majority in today's workforce, want benefits that pertain to them. Are you offering.

Finding Overhead Funding: The Challenges and Strategies for Solutions

With new laws around minimum wage being debated across the country, along with new regulations around overtime pay.

Are High Out-Of-Pocket Costs Forcing Patients To Settle For Substandard Care? - Forbes

Peter Ubel writes for Forbes about the cost-benefit decisions doctors and patients must make in the face of rising.

Perceived barriers keep small businesses from offering benefits

"From the time it takes to administer programs to their supposed lack of value, small organizations shouldn’t let.

Thought Leader Discussion: Jim White, Executive Director, Nonprofit Association of Oregon

Today we welcome Jim White, Executive Director of the Nonprofit Association of Oregon, to the Nonstop Wellness blog.

Affordable Care Act: The Gazillion-Dollar Startup Machine - Inc.

Photo: Getty Images

"Stashed away in the byzantine language of the Affordable Care Act are rules that have caused a.

Access to health care prices doesn’t lower spending, study finds - The Boston Globe

Felice J. Freyer of the Boston Globe writes about how publishing the cost of health care services does not actually.

Taking the Pulse of Your Organization: Understanding Employee Concerns

Photo: engagingleader.com

Perhaps more than in any other industry, nonprofit organizations are strongly vested.

Knowing What Matters Most to Employees: The Importance of Healthcare

It’s probably no surprise to hear that healthcare benefits matter to your employees. How much they matter is more.

Covered California Helps Keep Premiums in Check, UC Berkeley Study Finds - KQED

Lisa Aliferis recently wrote for KQED about the important differences between California's "active purchaser".

Changes to the ACA: What’s on Your Wish List? - Mercer Signal

Employers have very apparent opinions on what they want to change about the Affordable Care Act.

Health Plan Industry's Worst Nightmare: Employers Realizing They Are Actually The Insurance Company - Forbes

Dave Chase recently wrote for Forbes about how the irrational set of circumstances in which the healthcare industry.

How To Know If Partial Self-Insurance Is The Right Fit For Your Nonprofit

It’s the season for mid-year healthcare plan renewals. As such, many organizations are likely re-examining their.

Cost-Sharing Data Sheds New Light on Employee Responsibilities For Healthcare

Photo: HCW Benefits

This week the Kaiser Family Foundation released an insight brief on actual employee cost-sharing.

How The Right Approach to Healthcare Can Entice Talented Employees To Come On Board – and Stick Around

Photo: verticalresponse.com

Physician shortages. High turnover rates. Noncompetitive compensation packages. These.

Employee Healthcare: A Competitive Recruitment and Retention Tool?

The dilemma of providing competitive employee healthcare while adhering to strict overhead budgets can be a.

Making Employee Healthcare Work For Community Health Centers (and not against them)


Today’s competitive job market makes recruitment and retention tricky for many organizations, but.

Community Health Centers Now Have a Better Way to Access Employee Healthcare

Photo: NACHC Community Health Ventures

This month Nonstop announced a partnership with Community Health Ventures.

Staying ACA Compliant with New Hires

Photo: Villanova.edu

When a new hire is made, there is often a litany of paperwork and to-dos that need to be.

Is Mindfulness Meditation Really Worth All the Fuss?

Photo: Dallas CTC

Mindfulness has become the new buzzword of late, touted by Fortune 500 companies, parents, the US.

The Importance of CFO Involvement in Employee Healthcare Decisions

Photo: Leblanc Law and Mediation

A recent CFO survey by Integrated Benefits Institute (IBI) highlights the.

Midsize Organizations Express Concern Over ACA Compliance in 2016

In 2015, ADP conducted a survey of executives from mid-market organizations (50-999 employees) and the challenges.

Getting In Your (Free!) Workout, Anytime, Anywhere

Photo: tribune.com.pk

For some people working out is an energy booster, but for others it’s more of a chore.  And.

Healthy Habits for Weight Loss

January is over, which means for most of us those well-intentioned resolutions are out the window and we are back to.

Human Resource Management Trends for 2016

Photo: techcrunch.com

Human resources is becoming an exciting field of late, rapidly moving along with digital.

Why You May Want to Take Advantage of Complementary Care Coverage

Photo: katyacupuncture.com

An analysis of data taken from a 2012 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) has found.

Round-Up: Recruiting and Retaining the Valuable Millennial Generation

Photo: theodysseyonline.com

There’s a lot of discussion in the business world right now about the millennial.

Round-Up: Predictions of Business Trends in 2016 and How They’ll Impact Nonprofits

December and January mark the time when round-up lists of every sort hit the stands – predictions for the year to.

A Better Solution to Cost-Shifting in Preparation for the (Potential) Cadillac Tax

Photo: DeviantArt

With the recently announced two-year delay of the Cadillac tax (from 2018 to 2020) and the pending.

Nonprofits Have Some Advantages in Non-Monetary Compensation for Employees

Photo: omnihealth.com

Recruitment and retention are always top of mind for nonprofit executives, and rightfully so..

Changes to Healthcare for Same Sex Spouses and Domestic Partnerships

Photo: theblaze.com

As a result of both the US vs Windsor case in 2013 and the recent Supreme Court decision.

New Survey Finds That Health Insurance Does Not Ensure Lower Medical Bills

Photo: buffalocleaningservice.com

Depleting savings, working extra hours, and increasing credit card limits are just.

IRS Extends ACA Filing Deadlines for Employer Mandate

The New Year brought good news for those employers required to file tax returns reflecting healthcare coverage for.

ACA Changes on the Horizon for 2016

Photo: Refe

The New Year is upon us and although many organizations will remain in a 2015 state-of-mind with regard.

Top 6 Tips to Help Your Employees Stay Healthy During the Holiday Season

Photo: Refe

The holiday season is a frantic time of year and it coincides with cold and flu season - add on top of.

Looking Ahead to 2016 – Avoiding Unintended ACA Penalties in the Coming Year

Photo: calendarswamp.blogspot.com

It may seem premature to begin thinking about 2017 tax season when we haven’t even.

Understanding the Ins-and-Outs of the Employer Mandate – and Its Penalties

Photo: picjumbo

Perhaps the best-known ACA requirement for organizations is the employer shared responsibility.

Looking Beyond the Employer Mandate: Noncompliance With Lesser-Known Mandates May Lead to Large Penalty Fees

Image: family-in-law.com

In addition to the very well-known ACA employer mandate, there are myriad of other.

Do You Know What “Good Faith” Means?

Photo: negativespace.co

The ACA has introduced a number of terms that are either brand new or newly applied to.

2016 Tax Season Brings About Many Questions Around Compliance

Photo: millerhobbs.com

As we come up on the 2016 tax season, many organizations with 100+ full-time equivalent.

Preparing 2015 Tax Returns – Is Your Organization In Compliance?

Photo: precheck.com

The 2015 tax year is coming to a close, which means that 2015 tax penalties for ACA.

Healthcare Innovation Changes the Playing Field for Nonprofits

In our rapidly changing world, innovation is no longer just a buzzword and instead has become part of the everyday.

Grandfathered Healthcare Plans: Is It Time To Transition to A Newer Option? (pt 2)

Image: LinkedIn.com

Most grandfathered plans are offered by smaller organizations* (less than 200 people) that have.

Grandfathered Healthcare Plans: Is It Time To Transition to A Newer Option? (pt 1)

As we close in on the 2016 healthcare enrollment period, it may be time to look at whether your organization still.

ACA Employer Mandate:Employment Questions (part 4)

When it comes to the employer mandate, there will always be exceptions and special circumstances that will add.

ACA Employer Mandate:Employment Questions (part 3)

In previous posts on employment status under the ACA, we have focused on full-time equivalency (FTE) and how it’s.

Making HealthcareTruly Affordable With Innovative Solutions to Group Coverage

A recent New York Times article reported on the lack of employees enrolling in employer-sponsored healthcare,.

Organizations with 51-100 Employees Can Maintain Large Employer Status

On October 7, 2015 President Obama signed into law the Protecting Affordable Coverage for Employees (PACE) Act, .

ACA Employer Mandate:Employment Questions (part 2)

As part of our series around ACA employment questions – namely how to determine full-time equivalency (FTE) – today we.

ACA Employer Mandate:Employment Questions (part 1)

In the midst of looming ACA reporting deadlines and the fast approaching open enrollment period (leading to thoughts.

Employers Face Difficult Decisions with Rising Healthcare Costs

Controlling costs, providing competitive benefits, and complying with the ACA – these make up the converging trifecta.

IRS Reporting Requirements: Breaking Down Forms and Responsibilities

Continuing with the topic of the pending ACA reporting for the 2015 tax year, this post focuses on the specifics of.

Why a Culture of High-Performance Must be Your Priority

Sheri Jones, author of 'Impact & Excellence: Data-Driven Strategies for Aligning Mission, Culture, and Performance in.

The First Time Around: The Nuts and Bolts of IRS Reporting Requirements (part 2)

While we have been hearing and talking about the employer mandate for many months now, the impending tax season.

The First Time Around: The Nuts and Bolts of IRS Reporting Requirements (part 1)

This year marks the first year applicable large employers (ALE; 50+ full time or full-time equivalent employees) are.

Will you be at this Year’s Nonprofit Management Institute?

Stanford Social Innovation Review’s 10th Annual Nonprofit Management Institute is taking place September 9th-11th in.

Common Misperceptions and Realities Around ACA Reporting

The 2016 tax season may seem far away, but with numerous changes in the works for organizations that offer group health.

Exploring Partial Self-Insurance as A Viable Option for Nonprofits

Increasing healthcare costs, ACA compliance, balancing ever-precarious budgets, retaining valuable staff…midsize.

The Benefits – and Challenges – of Partial Self-Insurance for Nonprofits

While traditional fully-funded healthcare can be expensive and self-funded coverage comes with a significant financial.

US Employees Feel the Rub of Cost-Shifting

Nowadays, employers are shifting more healthcare costs to employees to help balance financial responsibilities..

What’s Next for the Cadillac Tax?

With the Supreme Court’s June ruling signifying that the ACA is here to stay, many are now looking ahead to the 2018.

What the DOL Overtime Reform Proposal Means for Nonprofits

On July 6, 2015, the Department of Labor (DOL) issued a proposal to more than double the minimum salary level that.

2016 Tax Season: IRS Releases Draft Reporting Forms and Increased Penalty Amounts

In 2016 employers who provide minimum essential coverage to employees will be required to begin mandatory reporting.

Fees for Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute Due July 31, 2015

If your organization sponsors a self-insured plan, you may be on the hook to contribute to the Patient-Centered.

The 2016 Renewal Season: Determining What Employees Want and Need

Our final post in the series about preparing for the 2016 renewal season discusses how to better satisfy both.

The 2016 Renewal Season: Making Health Coverage More Cost-Effective

Over the past week, we have been looking at how nonprofits can prepare for the 2016 healthcare renewal season.

The 2016 Renewal Season: Thinking About Compliance

In a previous post, we overviewed three main areas that nonprofits should consider before the 2016 healthcare.

What Every Nonprofit Should Consider Before The 2016 Healthcare Renewal Season

As we near the halfway point of 2015, it’s a good time to look ahead to the 2016 healthcare renewal season (open.

Are You on Track with Healthcare Reform Requirements?

As we approach the mid-way point of the 2015 tax year, it’s a good time to check in on health reform mandates to.

Premium Reimbursement Plans Not in Compliance with ACA, Subject to Heavy Fines

With a looming deadline of July 1, 2015 for small businesses to make changes in their premium reimbursement plan.

Dos and Don’ts of Corporate Wellness Programs

Corporate wellness programs are the norm nowadays, with many organizations implementing activities and incentives.

New Survey Rates Healthcare Benefits As Most Important for Employees

Despite questions around the future of employer-sponsored healthcare, American workers still rate healthcare.

Proposed New Rules from the EEOC Provide Clarification for Wellness Programs

On April 20, 2015, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) proposed new rules around employee wellness.

IRS Releases New Information for HSAs and HDHPs for 2016

In early May, the IRS released new information around 2016 eligibility and contribution limits for health savings.

Potential Tax Changes for Nonprofits

In February 2014 David Camp (R-Mich; former chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee) authored a bill.

Consumer Health: Don’t Just Sit There

For most of us, sitting is just part of the job. We sit at our desks, we sit in meetings, we sit at lunch.  Then .

Nonprofit Healthcare: Looking Ahead to 2018 and the Cadillac Tax

Beginning in 2018, organizations that provide high-cost employer-sponsored healthcare to employees will be.

Corporate Healthcare: Final IRS Forms for Reporting Healthcare Coverage are Released

While healthcare coverage reporting isn’t mandatory for applicable large employee (ALE) members until 2016 (for.

Leverage Social Media Effectively

Keeping up with social media is a key aspect of marketing for nonprofits. But it can also be an overwhelming task.

Top Ten 2015 Nonprofit Conferences

We’re already a month into the new year, and you’re looking for new information to improve the performance of.

Filing Taxes Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

With tax season upon us, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Treasury Department are.

The Future of Digital Health

A recent Fortune commentary entitled Why the Uber of Healthcare Is Here To Stay by Eric Kim and Chi-Hua Chien of.

Nonprofit News: Federal, State, and Local Governments Are Now Required to Pay Overhead Costs Incurred By Nonprofits

New rules from the federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB) now require all levels of government – federal,.