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Community Health Centers Now Have a Better Way to Access Employee Healthcare

nachc_chv.pngPhoto: NACHC Community Health Ventures

This month Nonstop announced a partnership with Community Health Ventures (CHV), business affiliate of the National Association of Community Health Centers, to offer its risk-free partially self—insured program Nonstop Wellness to community health centers (CHCs) around the US as part of CHV’s Value in Benefits (ViB) pilot program. Nonstop Wellness provides an immediate reduction in premiums and employee out-of-pocket costs, as well as improved and customized benefit plans.  

Through the Nonstop Wellness program, CHCs now have access to a health insurance model that was previously unavailable due to the high levels of financial risk. But Nonstop eliminates the risk so health centers can enjoy the same level of savings and improved benefits as their for-profit counterparts

A small pilot group of health centers will be invited to participate in the ViB pilot this Spring with the intent of expanding the program later in 2016 to all health centers. One of the main purposes of the pilot is to learn more about the specific needs of health centers and the unique challenges they face in offering employee benefits. Ultimately, the mission of the ViB program is simple: to create a program that supports community health centers across the country to reduce costs so they can focus on serving their communities.

Nonstop Wellness has been specifically designed to support nonprofits, and currently works with health centers in multiple states, saving them between 12-41% annually and providing vastly improved benefits from previous plans. Health centers and Nonstop believe that no one should go without quality, affordable healthcare, especially CHC employees. We welcome any health center that is interested in providing platinum-level benefits at a reduced cost to visit https://www.nonstopwellness.com/nachc/ or contact us at 877-626-6057.

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