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How The Right Approach to Healthcare Can Entice Talented Employees To Come On Board – and Stick Around

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Physician shortages. High turnover rates. Noncompetitive compensation packages. These are just some of the challenges community health centers face when trying to staff their valuable and much-needed clinics. And when challenges like those listed above interfere, the communities served by these health centers don’t receive the healthcare they so desperately need. In fact, health centers estimate that if staffing needs were met they could collectively serve an additional two million people.

So what is the solution? One possible answer could be in the way community health centers approach employee healthcare. Aside from salary, healthcare is rated across the board as the most important benefit employees look for when job searching. But often times restrictive budgets prohibit health centers from providing the most competitive healthcare program for employees and their families.

Until now.

Join the Northwest Regional Primary Care Association with us on April 13, 2016 for a free webinar entitled Creating a Health Benefits Package for Recruiting and Retention. The webinar will highlight alternative – and affordable – options to traditional care and the ways health benefits can contribute to recruitment and retention efforts. Our healthcare program, Nonstop Wellness, uses partially self-funded insurance to provide improved benefits at a reduced cost for both nonprofits and their employees. The National Association of Community Health Centers will also take part in the webinar, providing background on the specific challenges health centers encounter when it comes to staffing.

Creating a Health Benefits Package for Recruiting and Retention will take place on Wednesday April 13, 2016 at 1pm. NWRPCA members can sign up to participate in the free webinar by visiting http://www.nwrpca.org/event/nonstopwebinar. The webinar will also be accessible afterwards at no cost as a recording at www.nonstopwellness.com. We hope you can join us!

Want to read more about how health benefits can improve employee recruitment and retention? Download out white paper now!

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