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6 Ways To Protect Yourself Against Rising Health Care Costs - Forbes

"With health care costs jumping in 2016, Americans should prepare for the unexpected," writes Lucy Mueller for Forbes.

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Recent studies show that unexpected healthcare expenses are a top source of worry for Americans, many of whom do not know their best options for covering those expenses. Healthcare costs are a very valid concern; industry analyst Brigham Hyde of Decision Resources Group calls the recent jump in costs "surprising, significant, historic."

Here are Mueller's top 6 strategies for protecting yourself against unexpected healthcare expenses:

1. Have an emergency fund besides your savings account - Permanent life insurance is one that many young people are beginning to be attracted to.

2. Use rebates and co-pay cards - Drug manufacturers sometimes subsidize or eliminate out-of-pocket medication costs. There are some restrictions, but they are always worth looking into.

3. You could save money paying in cash - There is actually sometimes a different price for medical procedures if you pay in cash rather than waiting for a bill. Always ask if there is a cash price if your insurance has a high deductible. But make sure you double check if your cash payment goes towards your deductible - it doesn't always.

4. Keep up your preventive care - Spend a little more on recurring checkups, like dental appointments, rather than waiting until a large issue arises.

5. Make sure you have the right insurance plan - Learning more about different kinds of plans and switching if you need to could save you money.

6. Buy disability insurance - "If something happens to your health, you're not only dealing with medical expenses, you're also not earning income."

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