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Kathleen Callaghan

Kathleen Callaghan

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Re-Evaluating Employee Healthcare in the Face of Rising Deductibles and Stagnant Wages

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Every day we hear again about how rising healthcare costs, especially deductibles and.

The Importance of Employee Benefits and The Surprising Way They Can Affect The Bottom Line


We all know how employee benefits can affect the bottom line in not-so-positive ways (read: rising.

Finding Overhead Funding: The Challenges and Strategies for Solutions

With new laws around minimum wage being debated across the country, along with new regulations around overtime pay.

Thought Leader Discussion: Jim White, Executive Director, Nonprofit Association of Oregon

Today we welcome Jim White, Executive Director of the Nonprofit Association of Oregon, to the Nonstop Wellness blog.

Taking the Pulse of Your Organization: Understanding Employee Concerns

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Perhaps more than in any other industry, nonprofit organizations are strongly vested.

Knowing What Matters Most to Employees: The Importance of Healthcare

It’s probably no surprise to hear that healthcare benefits matter to your employees. How much they matter is more.

How To Know If Partial Self-Insurance Is The Right Fit For Your Nonprofit

It’s the season for mid-year healthcare plan renewals. As such, many organizations are likely re-examining their.

Cost-Sharing Data Sheds New Light on Employee Responsibilities For Healthcare

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This week the Kaiser Family Foundation released an insight brief on actual employee cost-sharing.

How The Right Approach to Healthcare Can Entice Talented Employees To Come On Board – and Stick Around

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Physician shortages. High turnover rates. Noncompetitive compensation packages. These.