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Kathleen Callaghan

Kathleen Callaghan

Recent Posts

Employee Healthcare: A Competitive Recruitment and Retention Tool?

The dilemma of providing competitive employee healthcare while adhering to strict overhead budgets can be a.

Making Employee Healthcare Work For Community Health Centers (and not against them)


Today’s competitive job market makes recruitment and retention tricky for many organizations, but.

Community Health Centers Now Have a Better Way to Access Employee Healthcare

Photo: NACHC Community Health Ventures

This month Nonstop announced a partnership with Community Health Ventures.

Staying ACA Compliant with New Hires

Photo: Villanova.edu

When a new hire is made, there is often a litany of paperwork and to-dos that need to be.

Is Mindfulness Meditation Really Worth All the Fuss?

Photo: Dallas CTC

Mindfulness has become the new buzzword of late, touted by Fortune 500 companies, parents, the US.

The Importance of CFO Involvement in Employee Healthcare Decisions

Photo: Leblanc Law and Mediation

A recent CFO survey by Integrated Benefits Institute (IBI) highlights the.

Midsize Organizations Express Concern Over ACA Compliance in 2016

In 2015, ADP conducted a survey of executives from mid-market organizations (50-999 employees) and the challenges.

Getting In Your (Free!) Workout, Anytime, Anywhere

Photo: tribune.com.pk

For some people working out is an energy booster, but for others it’s more of a chore.  And.

Healthy Habits for Weight Loss

January is over, which means for most of us those well-intentioned resolutions are out the window and we are back to.