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‘Benefits Like a Boss’ Podcast from Nonstop Explores Equity and Resilience in Times of Challenge

Nonstop Administration and Insurance Services, Inc. (Nonstop) has announced they will launch their new podcast, ‘Benefits Like a Boss,’ on April 23, available to access live from https://benefitslikeabosspodcast.buzzsprout.com. The podcast features expert conversations with nonprofit and industry decision-makers—C-level executives, heads of HR, and other organizational leaders who are passionate about creating cultures of equity and resilience in their organizations and in society as a whole.

Each ‘Benefits Like a Boss’ episode features host Lesley Brown Albright and co-hosts Natasha Orozco or Derreck Smith as they have candid conversations with guests about innovative approaches to the challenges surrounding employee health benefits, workforce wellness, and organizational culture.

“These leaders share their stories to ignite hope, and show there is a way to break out of the status quo,” says Brown Albright. “They understand it’s not about human capital; it is about human beings.”

The first episode of ‘Benefits Like a Boss’ will feature David Sloves, founder and CEO of Nonstop Administration and Insurance Services as he shares the origin story of Nonstop, focusing on what drove him to create change within such a regulated and impersonal industry in order to create a more level playing field for economically vulnerable workers in the nonprofit industry. Sloves will discuss his efforts to address workforce challenges through the lens of equity and humanity, with tips on how HR leaders can begin transforming benefits within their own organizations with these perspectives in mind.

“I hope he gives others the courage to start a project, move forward with an idea, or begin a dialogue with a group of people who really want to make a difference,” says Brown Albright. “I’m confident that all our guests will inspire you to a new level of action, both personally and professionally.”

Catch the first episode on April 23, available to access live from https://benefitslikeabosspodcast.buzzsprout.com. For more information, please visit nonstopwellness.com.

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