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Profiting from health: The self-insurance story - MedCity News

In this article for MedCity News by Adam Schaefer, we look at the reality employers face when it comes to purchasing.

5 questions advisers are always asked – and how to answer them - Employee Benefit Advisor

As open enrollment approaches, employees begin to turn to their employers, human resources advisors, and benefit.

Employers Shift Higher Health Care Costs to Workers  - The Wall Street Journal

Rachel Emma Silverman of the Wall Street Journal examines the rise of high deductible health plans (HDHPs), and how.

Self-insurance rises among small and medium-size employers -  Benefits Pro

Jack Craver writes for Benefits Pro about the increase of self-insuring healthcare benefits among small and.

Employers need to communicate benefits to attract jobseekers - Benefits News

Amanda Eisenberg writes for Employee Benefits News about the increasing importance of a good benefits package to.

Uninsured rate drops, but medical expenses still drag millions into poverty - Modern Healthcare

Bob Herman writes for Modern Healthcare about the consequences of shifting more out-of-pocket healthcare expenses to.

Employers passing rising healthcare costs onto employees - Benefits News

As the cost of providing employees with healthcare benefits rises (at an average of $500 per employee this year),.

Companies move toward self-insurance as healthcare rates increase - Benefits News

Amanda Eisenberg from Benefits News takes a look at how increases in employee healthcare (5-10% for many employees).

Burden of Healthcare Costs Moves to the Middle Class - The Wall Street Journal

Image: Rand

Anna Louie Sussman of The Wall Street Journal focuses on how middle class workers are struggling to pay.