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Looking Beyond the Employer Mandate: Noncompliance With Lesser-Known Mandates May Lead to Large Penalty Fees

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In addition to the very well-known ACA employer mandate, there are myriad of other.

Do You Know What “Good Faith” Means?

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The ACA has introduced a number of terms that are either brand new or newly applied to.

2016 Tax Season Brings About Many Questions Around Compliance

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As we come up on the 2016 tax season, many organizations with 100+ full-time equivalent.

Preparing 2015 Tax Returns – Is Your Organization In Compliance?

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The 2015 tax year is coming to a close, which means that 2015 tax penalties for ACA.

ACA Employer Mandate:Employment Questions (part 4)

When it comes to the employer mandate, there will always be exceptions and special circumstances that will add.

ACA Employer Mandate:Employment Questions (part 3)

In previous posts on employment status under the ACA, we have focused on full-time equivalency (FTE) and how it’s.

ACA Employer Mandate:Employment Questions (part 2)

As part of our series around ACA employment questions – namely how to determine full-time equivalency (FTE) – today we.

ACA Employer Mandate:Employment Questions (part 1)

In the midst of looming ACA reporting deadlines and the fast approaching open enrollment period (leading to thoughts.

IRS Reporting Requirements: Breaking Down Forms and Responsibilities

Continuing with the topic of the pending ACA reporting for the 2015 tax year, this post focuses on the specifics of.

The First Time Around: The Nuts and Bolts of IRS Reporting Requirements (part 2)

While we have been hearing and talking about the employer mandate for many months now, the impending tax season.